Little Compton  is located at the southeastern tip of the state and stretches into the Atlantic Ocean. Little Compton has an uncommon blend of rural and upscale residences. Taxes are among the lowest in the state as the town boasts only one school for children from K-8.


Private and public beaches run all along Little Compton’s waterfront border. With farms, Colonial-era, early nineteenth century homes, and new homes; Little Compton has a wealth of property options.

Some enjoy LC as a summer place; their close-by escape from the fast-pace of the city; a warm nurturing respite amid the omnipresent splash of ocean waves. Others relish its small-town feel and all around welcoming atmosphere. The town’s shopping area is known as “The Commons” and ‘honor’ fruit and vegetable stands dot the road-sides throughout the summer with delicious fresh corn, tomatoes, and beautiful squash. The town enjoys close proximity to Tiverton Four Corners which provides locally beloved food stores, magnificent art studios, and a fun meeting place. The historic Stone House Club inn and spa provides luxury accommodations, Haute Cuisine, and little indulgences right on the oceanfront.


Little Compton has 4 villages and neighborhoods: Adamsville, Briggs Point, Sakonnet and Tunipus.

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